Hyfoil RIB's

Hyfoil has created recreational vessels which combine all the advantages of the traditional RIB with the extraordinary patented Hysucat foiling technology to produce a high performing, versatile and safe craft.  

The extraordinary benefits of hydrofoil technology are evident when cruising Hyfoil RIB’s at any speed or water conditions. The hydrofoil, which lies in the middle of the demi-hulled catamarans, provides lift that allows for smooth cruising in choppy seas. RIB boats are known for smooth rides but when you combine the Hyfoil hysucat RIB’s patented hydrofoil designs you can expect an even smoother ride for you and your guests.  The Hyfoil RIB provides incredible fuel efficiency, with cruising speeds of 30+ knots and top speed of up to 60 knots!

The foil system on the RIB makes it possible to power up in any sea at full bore without the craft slamming, flying, or burying its nose.  The ride is completely stable and safe.

Skeeta Foiling Craft

The goal at Skeeta Foiling Craft is to create boats that everyone can sail. 

That means as simple as they can be, but with performance that never fails to excite.

Creating a boat simple to rig and get out on the water in minutes is no easy task, but Skeeta have dedicated years of development so that everyone can enjoy every aspect of their favourite sport.

Skeeta is the very latest, ‘3rd Generation’ foiling dinghy, which incorporates all-round performance. You are no longer left waiting for breeze to go sailing.  Skeeta is fun and pleasant to sail right through the entire wind range. 

Much more stable than narrow skiffs, Skeeta can also be sailed without lifting foils, making it far more versatile as an all-purpose dinghy, suited to beginners, for foiling training as well as having very impressive foiling performance, close to that of the International Moth.

Nikki is the first foiling dinghy designed and built for young and lightweight sailors. 

Ideal for fun, thrills & competitive sailing, this is the boat we all wished we had when we were younger and learning to sail.

The hull is simple, stable, robust & unsinkable, as well as being quick and easy to rig and launch.

Stable & safe, Nikki can also be sailed without lifting foils, making it highly versatile as an all-purpose dinghy, suited to beginners, for foiling training as well as having very impressive foiling performance for fun and thrills.


The Lifesaver’s Watercraft

Low overall weight. Powerful drive. Highly stable vehicle case and universal connections for various rescue equipment. These properties and features make the SEABOB RESCUE a unique rescue vehicle. It can be used anywhere and is optimised for simple handling.

In any emergency situation, a single lifeguard can carry the SEABOB RESCUE as a powerful water vehicle even with his own muscular power, making the SEABOB RESCUE the ideal rescue vehicle for all operations in water.

The SEABOB’s drive mechanism is unique. The watercraft works with an environmentally friendly and future-oriented electro-jet propulsion. The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System propels the SEABOB forward in superior fashion.

For rescue operations at the sea, on the coasts, in standing or flowing inshore waters, or even as a surveillance scooter for water sports events: The SEABOB RESCUE is operational anytime and anywhere. Its mobility makes it independent of fixed rescue stations.

In rescue operations with dangerous currents, the SEABOB distinguishes itself through its patented E-Jet Power System. In an emergency, the thrust generated allows the SEABOB to cut effortlessly through tide and current.

High and Dry Boat Lifts

The High And Dry Boat Lift was designed and engineered after nearly three years of building and developing by an engineer. Its simplicity and foolproof workability is unrivaled in the international industry. Its siphoning, lifting and lowering technology is the only of its kind in use and will be setting the trend for the future. This boat lift addresses all the drawbacks of the current lifts in the industry and is engineered to last in all waters.

Driving onto the lift is easier than driving onto a trailer. The four floatation bins act as guides with center guides installed if required. By attaching two mooring lines from the back bins onto your center cleat, it locates the boat in the correct position every time.

By simply attaching the blower pipes to the bottom fittings and starting the pumps, the siphoning system is started, which will gently launch your boat in a controlled horizontal plain in no time. It raises the boat by attaching the hoses to the top of the connectors and switching on the blowers.

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