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We aim to be the leading supplier of electric powered marine products in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.  As the Evoy dealer for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands, we are positioned to introduce and support electric motor systems to boatbuilders, dealers, fleet owners and individual boat owners.

Our Hysucat electric and conventional vessels offer breathtaking performance and efficiency and are the ideal platform for electric boating.

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The future of boating is electric









Marine Lifestyles is your future

What we do

Sustainable Boating & Experiences

We believe in ensuring that the marine environment is protected and nurtured so the people can enjoy their marine lifestyles into the future.  Our environment is in danger, and our use of fossil fuels must diminish. The move to electric power has gained huge momentum in the automotive industry and the same will happen in the marine world.

We started by focusing on electric and human powered technology with the products we sell and operate in our water sports division, Water Sports Central. We are now extending this focus into sustainable boating and high-powered marine propulsion.



The Shift to Electric Boating is Happening Now, Powered by Evoy®

Evoy® brings “irresistible boating” to the modern boater, delivering long-lasting Electric Boat Motor systems ranging from 120-400 hp continuous power. 

  Accelerate to Silent Boating
  Accelerate to Zero Emissions
  Accelerate with Evoy

Hysucat Boats

Hydrofoil Technolgy for High Performance Boating

Hysucats offer several major advantages:

• Smooth & comfortable ride – flying on foils
• Higher top speed
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Ideal vessel for electric propulsion
• A large reduction in operating costs
• Low wake for eco-friendly operation

Sustainable Water Transport

The Ideal Technology for Water Transport Operators

Hydrofoils and Electric Motors are the perfect combination for water transport solutions.

The electric power provides the instant torque to lift the vessel onto foils quickly.  Once flying above the water, power requirements drop and the boat can fly with the highest efficiency.

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