Is an acronym for Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran

It is the combination of distinctively designed hull and hydrofoil science and technology. The Hysucat design offers the best features of a monohull and a catamaran combined.

The highly effective hydrofoil system in the tunnel between the demi-hulls is the foundation of the Hysucat’s patented technology. In choppy seas the ride is extremely smooth, with the hydrofoils allowing the vessel to run on the crests. In long waves, the hydrofoils help disperse impact and create an ideal ride, without impairing handling, creating directional-instability or broaching problems.
The lifting and damping effect of the foils also result in low wake for eco-friendly operation.

Hydrofoil Craft Advantages

• Smooth and comfortable ride
• Improved sea keeping in rough seas
• Wave dampening
• Dry ride
• Improved carrying capacity
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Higher top speed
• Increased range due to lower fuel consumption
• A large reduction in operating costs

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Highlighting the basic principle behind the Hysucat is an effective hydrofoil system in the tunnel between two demi-hulls. This consists of a main wing located in front of the length emphasis in keel height, supported by two smaller wings in the tunnel at the rear of the hull.

During voyage, the wings produce dynamic lift forces that partly lift the catamaran out of the water. The two flotation chambers ride lower in the water than monohulls and produce less resistance. During voyage, the hulls take over the lateral stability production and secure the course stability.

Due to its design, Hysucat vessels require smaller drive engines and they are much more economical in consumption, even in comparison to Deep V flyboats. The wing system ensures a strong absorption of vertical and pitch movements. The result is a smooth ride, even in rough waters. Such performance in rough seas is unique and unparalleled. A constant and gentle sliding and dipping in the waves is guaranteed. The hull remains stable during the entire voyage and shows no signs of hard impact in waves. Longer distances, even in rough waters, can be travelled without any major physical fatigue symptoms.

What further makes the Hysucat brand unique is its efficiency; the hull design has been tested and found to be up to 40 percent more efficient than conventional hulls. Effectively what the hull achieves is a smoother, faster, more economical boat. The centrally mounted hydrofoils lift the hull out of the water at planing speed, reducing the wetted-surface of the hull. This creates significantly less friction and performance is improved. The power required to plane the craft can be reduced and the savings translate directly into fuel savings. Engine life is also improved as it no longer has to work at high revs. The end result is a much softer, smoother ride than via a conventional hull and the ability to achieve high speeds with rapid performance that can be seen even with relatively small horsepower engines.