A new age for youth sailing

Nikki is the first foiling dinghy designed and built for young and lightweight sailors. 

Ideal for fun, thrills & competitive sailing, this is the boat we all wished we had when we were younger and learning to sail.

The hull is simple, stable, robust & unsinkable, as well as being quick and easy to rig and launch.

Steering is direct, light & responsive, so you can develop your skills early-on for high performance sailing and foiling.

Nikki has wings, planes upwind & down, glides low & fast and foils on all points of sail including tacking and gybing. 

Stable & safe, Nikki can also be sailed without lifting foils, making it highly versatile as an all-purpose dinghy, suited to beginners, for foiling training as well as having very impressive foiling performance for fun and thrills.

Develop your foiling skills early in life

And then you have the ability to attach hydrofoils… Nikki is the first fully foiling production dinghy which is particularly suitable for young and lightweight sailors.

The simple foiling system dramatically reduces the chance of ‘crashing’ as experienced with many other foiling craft. So more people can enjoy this amazing experience.

The fully adjustable wand allows you to start low to the water surface, gradually flying higher as you gain skill and experience.

All systems are designed with safety in mind. You can quickly and easily lower the boat to the back to the water in an emergency.

The fully retractable foils can be easily clipped on or off, all by the push of a button. There is no need to tip the boat over when rigging or launching.

Safe, simple and easy to sail

Nikki has been designed to address as many safety aspects as possible including:

  • Fully adjustable ride height with safety release
  • High visibility colours on the sail, wings and foils, so others can easily spot Nikki from a distance.
  • Clamps on both centreboard and rudder box, to hold foils in position when launching.
  • A mast lock, so that if Nikki capsizes, the mast won’t fall out.
  • Capsize righting ropes as standard, so any weight sailor can easily bring the boat back upright.
  • Padded boom pad to reduce the risk of head injuries.


  • Length: 2.9m 

  • Width: 1.02m 

  • Total weight: 25kg

  • Sail area: 5.5m², 6.5m² 

  • Speed: 25knots +

  • Max crew weight: 25-65kgs

  • Sailor age 13-80 years 

  • Retractable & detachable foils

  • Robust & unsinkable hull

  • Fully retractable wand

  • Unmatched versatility

Nikki can be ordered with either a 5.5sqm or 6.5 sqm rig to suit your weight, experience and wind conditions.

Nikki is available in 4 models – 2 as displacement (non-foiling), 2 as foiling.

The displacement models (D5.5, D6.5), can be upgraded to a foiling version at any time (AUD $5,000 RRP).

Displacement  Nikki

The displacement version of Nikki is a fast, high performance, non-foiling sailing dinghy with wings which comes with two rigs.

Foiling Nikki

The fully foiling version of Nikki has exceptional performance with wings, lifting foils and wand control system.

What You Get


  • Aluminium collapsible beach trolley

  • Black anodised alloy boom

  • 2-piece Carbon mast – 4.7m or 5.2m depending onsail

  • 5.5m² or 6.5m² mylar sail

  • Centreboard and Rudder

  • Padded mast bag

  • Padded full hull cover

  • Padded hiking straps

  • Transport bag


  • Displacement equipment as above
  • Foiling kit pre-installed and pre-set

  • Hydrofoils

  • Displacement foil insert tip

  • Padded Foil bag


Nikki D5.5 (displacement) $7,000 RRP 
Nikki D6.5 (displacement) $7,250 RRP
Nikki F5.5 (foiling) $11,250 RRP
Nikki F6.5 (foiling) $11,500 RRP
Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD), for the complete boat, excluding delivery & local duties and taxes.

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