• Length: 3.65m

  • Width: 1.26m/2.3m

  • Total weight: 42kg

  • Sail area: 8.5m², 9.5m² 

  • Speed: 25knots +

  • Max crew weight: 60-100kgs

  • Sailor age 13-80 years 

  • Retractable & detachable foils

  • Robust & unsinkable hull

  • Fully retractable wand

  • Unmatched versatility

The versatility of Skeeta is unmatched. The hull is simple, robust, unsinkable and quick to rig. Skeeta can be used as an introductory training dinghy for beginners or a high performance racing dinghy able to plane upwind.

Add the foils and it is a highly developed, but forgiving foiling machine with amazing performance.

What You Get

The complete boat ready to foil!!

  • Hull with wings

  • Rig – Mast & stays, Sails with sail bag, boom, mainsheet and all fittings

  • Main foil, rudder foil, tiller, tiller extension

  • Wand and foil control system.

  • Beach trolley

  • Padded bags for hull, wings, mast, and foils.


Skeeta D8.5 (displacement) $13,500 RRP 
Skeeta D9.5 (displacement) $14,500 RRP
Skeeta F8.5 (foiling) $18,000 RRP
Skeeta F9.5 (foiling) $19,000 RRP
Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD), for the complete boat, excluding delivery & local duties and taxes.

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