The all-round foiling dinghy

Skeeta is the very latest ‘3rd Generation’ foiling dinghy that incorporates all-round performance. You are no longer left waiting for breeze to go sailing. Skeeta is fun and pleasant to sail right through the entire wind range. 

Much more stable than narrow skiffs, Skeeta can also be sailed without lifting foils, making it far more versatile as an all-purpose dinghy, suited to beginners, for foiling training as well as having very impressive foiling performance, close to that of the International Moth.

The versatility of Skeeta is unmatched. The hull is simple, robust, unsinkable and quick to rig.

It can be used as an introductory training dinghy for beginners or a high performance racing dinghy able to plane upwind. Add the foils and it is a highly developed, but forgiving foiling machine with amazing performance.


A new age for youth sailing

Nikki is the first foiling dinghy designed and built for young and lightweight sailors. 

Ideal for fun, thrills & competitive sailing, this is the boat we all wished we had when we were younger and learning to sail.

The hull is simple, stable, robust & unsinkable, as well as being quick and easy to rig and launch.

Steering is direct, light & responsive, so you can develop your skills early-on for high performance sailing and foiling.

Nikki has wings, planes upwind & down, glides low & fast and foils on all points of sail including tacking and gybing. 

Stable & safe, Nikki can also be sailed without lifting foils, making it highly versatile as an all-purpose dinghy, suited to beginners, for foiling training as well as having very impressive foiling performance for fun and thrills.

A Safer Ride

The Skeeta foiling system allows for faster response times and a safer foiling.

Skill Level For Everyone

The height adjustable wand revolutionises the way you foil. Take command, fly high or fly low whenever you want, all by the pull of a string.

Fixed Rudder

By eliminating the complexity on the rudder variation, foiling becomes one step simpler.

Easy Launching

Launching is a breeze, insert the verticals in from above and clip the lifting foils on. No need to tip your boat over and carry it.

Sailing Versatility​

Foiling isn’t for everyone or for all conditions, but why not have a boat that can sail in all safe weather conditions.

Easy Rigging

No knots to tie, everything comes pre-assembled and clips together.

The Scow Hull

The iconic scow shape has been around for many years.  The Skeeta hull shape has been optimised for displacement sailing and foiling through over 50 years of in-house scow development by Jim French and Ian Ward.

The low free-board makes it incredibly easy for people of all ages to be able to get on board safely and quickly.

The deck working area has padded EVA for comfort and grip. 

The Foils

The Skeeta foiling system is a culmination of over 20 years of development with freely pivoting foils. An aspect of the design uses the Glide Free articulated lifting foil with floating pushrod. This system provides low drag, minimises crashes and tripping which is experienced in most other foiling systems. At the heart of the control system is a fully retractable bow wand, which provides unparalleled control and versatility. All this means there is no need to adjust the rudder angle of attack whilst sailing.

The fully retractable foils are inserted from above and the lifting foils can be easily clipped on or off with the push of a button. No need to tip the boat on over when rigging. The foils do not interfere with the boom when retracted half way, making leaving and return to shore easy.

Start in displacement mode, then lower the wand gradually to set the ride height to suit your skill level.

Surprised by stormy winds, lift on the mainfoil can be reduced to zero by retracting the fully adjustable wand. Making sure you can safely return in displacement sailing mode to a sheltered place.

The Rig

The rig employs a unique curved vang track, and deck sweeping S-boom. With this system the loads are dramatically reduced, while maintaining critical leech tension required for foiling. Reduced pressure on the mast means less chance for breakages.

The over-rotating 2 piece mast is carbon fibre with a halyard and has been optimised for foiling performance.  It makes rigging and de-rigging simple.

The rig has a Soft Carbon Mast Tip for Displacement sailing, and a Stiff Carbon Mast Tip for Foiling. 

The mast bases are of different lengths to suit the sail size.

All tips and bases are easily interchangeable.

Both foiling versions come with adjustable spreaders as standard, allowing a wide variety of sailor weights to be competitive in the same class. 

The Wings

Skeeta’s wings can easily and quickly be removed in less than 5 seconds. Just one pin holds them in place, making getting to the water even quicker. No lacing trampolines required.


Tacking and gybing is really easy. The hull is very stable so it is very forgiving, ideal for beginners. Unlike a catamaran, it tacks extremely easily and fast.

Foiling tacks and gybes are possible with the right practise.

All models are pre-assembled and ready to hit the water out of the box.

All foiling systems are pre-set, rig up in 15 minutes and go sailing!