Evoy® brings “irresistible boating” to the modern boater. An experience by delivering long-lasting Electric Boat Motor systems ranging from 120-400 hp continuous, accelerating the transition to emission free, blissfully quiet and sustainable boating. 


A combustion engine has on average over 2000 parts. An Evoy® motor has only 4 moving parts.


Offering flexible charging solutions from standard AC to fast DC – charging in less than an hour. 


Remote support & maintenance, location services, updates and charge status at your fingertips. 

Evoy® Electric Outboard Motor Systems

Ready to turn heads at the local marina?  The Evoy high-power outboards set the new standard for recreational boating.  The continuous power is equivalent to 120 hp or 300 hp with peak power of 185 hp or 600 hp, motor depending. Available Series – Breeze 120+ hp and Storm 300+ hp.

Storm outboard
300+ hp
Breeze outboard
120+ hp

Evoy® Electric Inboard Motor Systems

Evoy®’s turnkey inboard electric system is a robust system designed for 1000+ hours per year. Due to the over-the-air updates and programmable system, we can monitor, troubleshoot and update the software onboard. The system is nearly maintenance-free and very affordable to use. The system can be connected to a stern drive, water jet, or shaft.  Available Series, Breeze 120+ hp and Hurricane 400+ hp.

Hurricane inboard
400+ hp
Breeze inboard
120+ hp

Upgrading to electric has never been easier. Be ready to turn heads on the water with this fantastic looking zero emission boating solution.

A head-turning motor

• No emissions, odours or sound
• Very affordable to use
• High-capacity DC fast charging
• Typical 50-100 nm in slow speed

It is not only the fastest electric motor available in the market but also the go-to solution as you are making the shift to sustainable boating.

Truly smart boating

• State-of-the-art security and logic system
• Over-the-air updates
• Maintenance-free
• Programmable motor

An e-volution for the electric market that fits any kind of boat.

A day out on the island? Let Evoy® be your guide

Whilst we all dream of long voyages, for most of us, that 30-45 minute trip to the island, the marina or to your favorite restaurant is why we have a boat. A day cruiser. A family boat.   

If you’re that boater, now’s the time for Evoy®.